Her Instagram doesn’t have many pictures of herself, but she posts photos of the world through her camera lens.She tags her work #The Mannerof Lux and has pictures of her travels and anything that interests her, including tattoos, music, art, food, motorcycles, poker, Star Wars, and many other things.But when the pain became too unbearable, he went to a hospital on Sunday (July 9) for numbing cream. Steve-O has been posting snaps of his arms covered in a cast getting treated for second and third-degree burns on Instagram. She keeps him company in his hospital bed and in another post, he’s holding her, ‘bridal style,’ while they pose for a pic with his doctor.

He really likes to make females strong and sometimes even stronger than the male characters." While there's plenty of high-flying action as Barry dodges the DEA on his regular drug runs and grapples with the competing demands of the CIA and narco-terrorist Pablo Escobar, his exploits are depicted with a heavy dose of dark humour.

"The scene where he crash lands the plane and is covered in powder and grabs this bicycle and is still keeping up with his manners in this chaos is funny to me," Wright says.

Quote: As a young actor, people were trying to define who I was before I really knew that for myself.

The Jackass (pun intended) doused his arms in rocket angel fuel to create fire angels.

"It was just one of those stories that you can't believe that it's true and then I was excited to see what Doug Liman was going to do with it. I didn't necessarily think it was something I was going to get.

I was just excited to go for it." Wright's audition process for the role of Lucy, Barry's wife, was unlike any she'd undergone before.

SITTING in a plane flown by Tom Cruise was just one of many surreal moments for Sarah Wright on the set of American Made. I knew at the time this was a once-in-a-lifetime thing," Wright tells Weekend.

The actress stars opposite Cruise in the action comedy by director Doug Liman. The film is based on the outrageous life of Barry Seal (Cruise), a pilot who lands work for the CIA and as a drug runner in South America during the 1980s.

"It was a four-hour audition and because of that I felt so comfortable and so open to be able to take that liberty with them. He always really lifted me up and made me feel like I had so much to contribute." Much to the surprise of Lucy, Barry goes from a well-respected TWA pilot to a key figure in one of the greatest scandals in modern history. People have asked me if I was worried that she was going to be that trophy wife character.