Controls on relative Holocene sea level include global eustatic and regional hydro-isostatic changes in ambient sea level relative to island landmasses, and shifts in the elevations of islands relative to sea level caused by thermal subsidence of the oceanic lithosphere or thermally rejuvenated loci of hotspot volcanism, by flexure of the lithosphere under the load of growing volcanic edifices (Hawaii, Samoa, Society Islands), by arching of the lithosphere over trench forebulges (Loyalty Islands, Niue, Bellona–Rennell), and by tectonism within forearc belts between active volcanic chains and trenches (Mariana Islands, Tonga, Vanuatu).The dominant pattern of relative sea-level change, where not overprinted by local tectonism or lithospheric flexure, was a uniform early Holocene rise in eustatic sea level followed by a regionally variable late Holocene hydro-isostatic drawdown in sea level.

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The date stands out in the Helderberg history as this was when the estate was liberated from the original governor’s estate, Vergelegen, after the sanctimonious demise of Willem Adrian van der Stel after he was ordered back to the Netherlands by the Dutch East Indian Trading Company.

His interests in Pacific geoarchaeology extend back to 1965, when he spent his first sabbatical year mapping bedrock geology in Fiji, but also initiated continuing research on prehistoric potsherd petrography and site paleoenvironments on Pacific islands.

Emeritus status, allowing more than a cumulative year of field work on Pacific islands over the past decade, facilitated analysis of Holocene paleoshorelines in multiple Pacific island groups.

Or have they progressed to more sophisticated methods?

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Understanding the history of relative Holocene sea levels on Pacific islands is important for constraining fundamental geodynamic theories, interpreting the environments of early human occupation sites, and forecasting future environmental conditions on the islands.

An observational paleoshoreline record is provided by emergent paleoshoreline indicators formed at higher relative sea levels, hence standing at higher elevations than modern counterparts.

The resultant was a mid-Holocene highstand in relative sea level that affected the development of shoreline morphology throughout the tropical Pacific Ocean.