A gift should make the recipient happy — or at least not sad or angry.

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In addition, because both Matthew and Luke contain a large amount of material in common that is not found in Mark, most researchers hold that both Evangelists also had a collection of Jesus’ sayings that they incorporated into their works.

This saying source is known as “Q” and was likely assembled in the 40s or 50s.

On the other hand, nearly everyone I spoke with had regifted a present at some point.

The key to successful regifting is to ask yourself if you would have picked that gift out for that person in the first place — and then be really careful to remove any evidence that this was something that had been given to you.

This understanding of the origins of the Gospels of Mark, Matthew, and Luke explains why they are similar yet different from one another.

The arrangement is called “The Two-Source Hypothesis” because Matthew and Luke are seen to have two written sources, Mark and Q.

The earliest New Testament books, the letters written by Paul, were composed in the decade of the 50s.

In the mid-60s, James, Peter, and Paul are all killed.

Not Patty, 58, who said that her husband Bill’s choice for her of flashy, pricey jewelry was the worst gift she’s ever been given. “We had a new baby, a new house, and the last thing I needed was diamond earrings.

Bill got them to impress his parents and to compete with his brother.

Either way, it’s not really a gift if you ask me.” The Obvious Regift Andrew, 32, was initially delighted to get an elegant Italian dress shirt from his father.