The most recent works of art included on this page are by well known International painters, illustrators, watercolour artists and or original printmakers.Their art styles vary from traditional to abstract art, with brilliant depictions of still life compositions, portraits, landscape scenes, genre and satire.

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Our collection features original art created by artists from many countries such as the Japanese woodcut artist, Takesada Matsutani and Tachibana Morikuni, The Italian artists, Mario Micossi, Filippo Morghen and Maurilio Minuzzi, the American artists, Lawrence Richard Macaray, Susannah Mac Donald, Margo Margolis, Gregory Masurovsky, Robert Crannell Minor, Thomas Moran, August Mosca and Robert Morris, the British artists, Robert Walker Macbeth, Robert Macbeth, William Marshall, James Mcbey, George Mackley, William Miller, Sir John Everett Millais, Terence Millington and Louis Fairfax Muckley, and Hans Alexander Mueller 'Hans Mueller', the french artist, Edouard Manet, Eugene Paul Metour, Adrien Moreau, the 20th century international artists, Arieh Merzer, Samuel Jessurun de Mesquita, Elfriede Miller-Hauenfels, Elfriede Miller von Hauenfels, Louis Myr and many others.

These are only a few of the artists featured on this page.

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