If you want to stop reading now, this above is all you really need to know about the evidence for the age of the earth.

There just is no reasonable way to fit these observations into a young earth scenario.

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The Reasons to Believe site lists about 40 well-known, impeccably conservative Christian leaders and writers that endorse or are at least open to an old-earth perspective. Here I will mention a few that are relatively straightforward, not requiring scientific training to understand.

These include names like Gleason Archer, Michael Behe, Chuck Colson, Norman Geisler, Hank Hannegraff, C. Angular Unconformities There are many spots on earth where you can observe rock layers with this sort of pattern: There is a lower set of rock layers, often steeply tilted, overlain by an upper set of layers which meet at a different angle. A classic example of an angular unconformity is at Siccar Point, in Scotland: This shows the erosional interface between steeply tilted layers of “greywacke” rock, topped by nearly horizontal layers of conglomerate and the distinctive Old Red Sandstone.

Rather, they are six successive days when God showed visions to Adam or Moses of what happened long before in creation. Essentially all Roman Catholics, and nearly all evangelical Protestants who are practicing geologists or biologists, are evolutionary creationists.

Another suggestion is that these “days” reveal six groups of divine creation proclamations (“let…”), while the outworking of those proclamations occurred sometime later, possibly through natural means. Advocates on both sides of the age issue present long lists of physical evidence.

Thus, such a location must have gone through the same cycles of deposition/ lithification/ uplift/ erosion/ subsidence/ deposition/ lithification/ uplift/erosion as with an angular conformity.

In places, two or more unconformities are found among successive layers, making it extra clear that these layers were not laid down in a single, year-long Flood.(3) Hundreds of feet (meters) of solid rock were eroded away to form the top surface of the greywacke that we now see as the unconformity.We know the greywacke was solid (not just recent, soft flood deposits), because broken-off chunks of the greywacke are found in the conglomerate layer just above it.When young Christians are taught that a young earth is an essential part of Christianity, this can and does cause some of them to lose their faith when they later encounter the evidence for an old earth in geology or biology classes.Thus, we should be cautious about asserting that one Bible interpretation is the only valid approach.They often take a flexible approach to interpreting the verses of Genesis 1-3, trying to identify the “days” with various epochs of geological history (“Day-Age” approach). They recognize that in the Bible God often used stories which were not necessarily true to communicate spiritual truths.